4 Things Business Executives Should Understand About SEO

In the absence of SEO practices or even if practiced haphazardly, an organization or business will soon find just how easy it is to get lost in deep cyberspace! When it comes to ecommerce, organic searches are very much part of what makes an ecommerce business successful. If there is no SEO strategy in place or if SEO is not monitored and implemented regularly, the consumer will have a far more difficult time finding a business online. The truth is, if a business wants any success online whatsoever, Search Engine Optimization is the key to a business’ profitability and growth.

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SEO bord

1. Haphazard SEO strategies and implementations will have the same negative effects as no SEO practices in place at all.

In order for consumers to find a business, they use popular search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google via organic searches: It is these searches that bring together businesses and buyers. An effective SEO strategy will include optimization of a website, but also the integration of quality external links from businesses similar to your own, and to those that hold a position of considerable reputation and authority within the market. The major search engines have algorithms that take into account external links pointed at a business’s website, and this can result in an increase in search engine ranking.

To make the most of your SEO efforts, your optimization must be part and parcel of all initiatives related to marketing from the very beginning. It’s a good idea to have your departments working together on SEO strategic implementations as well so you get the most out of all your endeavors. Consider the following:

Know Your Audience’s Content Preferences

Knowing your audience is essential if you want to know what kind of content will serve you the best in terms of proving a draw to your niche audience. You must do some research to figure out your audience’s search behavior and the topics that interest them. Knowing your audience will ensure you have tailored content that meets what your audience is seeking.

Paid Search Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization

An SEO expert can assist business leaders with search engine optimization and can intensify the impact and extent of campaigns involving paid search, despite the fact that paid search and SEO are two very different things. Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization campaigns, while requiring a bit of specialized knowledge for each topic, when working in unison can have a powerful and beneficial effect for a business.


Optimizing Conversion Rate

Once you get visitors to your landing page, you want to convert your visitors into customers who buy your services or products, or to opt into what you are offering. An SEO expert can help in increasing your conversion rate because of their ability to provide you with information about consumer psychology. Fitted with this knowledge, which stems from an understanding of what your consumers are looking for in the way of services and information, you will then be able to improve your overall conversion rates.

Business Development, Branding, & Communication

Google can provide you with a wealth of data and archived information, all of which businesses can use for the purpose of assessing the trends of the future and preparing your business for future changes. With such information, you can allocate your resources, predict sales, analyze your competition, and assess the current and future markets. This type of research will help a business in developing a method for rising above the competition and economical means for doing so. In fact, when you have an expert SEO analyst working for you, he will have the ability to find out details pertaining to markets and ventures you may want to avoid due to excessive competition, low profitability, and nonsensical investments.

The information you get from Google is FREE! The value of that information to your business is priceless. You can use the information to gain significant insights into your customer’s questions, concerns, and desires. Knowing the latter leads to improvements in marketing and spreading your brand. When you know what your consumers desire, you can strategize your branding campaign, and offer consumers things of value like assistance or resources.

2. Good or Bad Product: SEO has nothing to do with it.

How consumers think and feel about your product or services will at some point play a role in your visibility online through search engines like Google. It is possible that customer satisfaction will eventually play a far more important role in search engine rankings of the future. Always keep in mind that SEO is something you have to work on all the time. It is not a band-aid or quick fix for a problem, especially if that problem is the quality of your product. Thinking that SEO will fix things when you have problems with your product will only continues to set you back further.

3. An SEO Expert Is Far Better Than SEO Plug-Ins

WordPress plug-ins may seem convenient, but the truth of the matter is the plug-in is still just a plug-in; it is SEO, but in an oversimplified form and it certainly does not take into consideration every SEO strategy, technique, or potential changes that can improve upon SEO methods.

SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is not just about using a couple of good keywords and clicking your mouse on a view radial buttons within a plug-in on a WordPress panel. An expert, a human expert, can do so much for more for a business, including making alterations to a code in the website that may be having a negative impact on the site’s overall SEO. Experts are essentially experts for due cause: They know the ins and outs of search engine optimization and how to make sure everything runs smoothly. An expert maintains knowledge of link architecture, website navigation and structure, information architecture, and how to perform regular SEO audits to ensure your optimization efforts are working for you.

4. Quality SEO is All About the Data

Let’s face it, substandard planning of any endeavor or project ensures equally substandard outcomes. This means that if your search marketing efforts fall short, it’s not because of SEO or Google, it’s due to substandard project planning. If something is not working for the greater good of your business and its not improving anything, just put a stop to doing it. Plan better, get better results!

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